Monday, December 31, 2012

Interested in #blogging? Why not download a chapter for free?

Why indeed! 

The title of this blog post was sent across twiter by one of those blogging "guru" types.

You may not even want to read the rest of this post! Just click on the image to the left and you will have FREE FULL 24/7 ACCESS to my award-winning series, "The Blogging Class."

So I clicked though the link on twitter - it's a blog of stuff that wouldn't really interest the "I wannabea" blogger... but if you look closely, up in the top right corner, there's an option to "donwload the first chapter of my blogging book for free." (Didn't see any reference to a "learn to drink water" or "how to watch tv"pdf - *joke*)

Of course there is a catch - hoping that your impulsiveness will lead to your giving away your email address... for future marketing solicitations, of course - and that information will be sold and resold for years to come!

Thank You

Thank you for subscribing!

WAIT, WHAT? I subscribed to something?

It continues: Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Download the first chapter of the hot selling book here:  (url) To download you will need the password provided in your confirmation email. Alternatively, you can order your full copy of the eBook by clicking here.

WAIT A MINNNIT! When you click that "here" above - be sure to have the volume turned down because you will be blasted by a dude "are you ready to make money" --- that's where I hit the kill switch!

See 10 Ways To Become A Famous Blogger!

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