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Local radio talk show hosts have a problem: they are struggling to understand the amount of media attention*** paid to the four high school seniors involved in the weekend car crash on the Northway in which two of them died. The kids must have thought they were safe and secure in the big old SUV they were in, returning from a Siena basketball game. But there was a killer on the road, his brain squirming like a toad as he hurried to his drestination with destiny, ramming into the SUV and sending lives careening into new pages of history.

I wouldn't want to be the guy in this Times Union snapshot for any money in the world. Troubled past? Mama's boy? That's no surprise! Remember his face and name Dennis Drue for he will surely make headlines again in the future, just like the woman who killed young Harry Carnevale.

From the Times-Union ::: "Drue, who changed his name from Dennis Toomer about a year ago, also angered his landlord and neighbors with a belligerent attitude and suspicious behavior after a stream of cars drove up and stopped briefly at the house he rented with his girlfriend and infant daughter at 25 Bacon Lane on a quiet, dead-end street just off Route 9 one mile south of Siena's Loudonville campus.

'He was a really disrespectful, nasty kid and a spoiled brat,' said Justine Hyland, the owner of the three-bedroom Cape Cod-styled house he rented for $1,450. Drue's mother sent the monthly check and paid for damage to the house as well, she said.

'I told her that by bailing him out every time she's enabling him. She should have let him sit in jail where he should have been and then maybe those kids would still be alive,' said Hyland, a mother of two, whose niece and nephew knew the students killed and attended Tuesday night's candlelight vigil and memorial service at Shenendehowa High."

The radio talkers fail to understand why the Shen story has been prominent. Well, D'oh! It's a modern tragedy: like Romeo and Juliet times two: you have two young couples, each losing a partner in a horrific crash. Topping it off, they are popular people, on the threshhold of adult lives sure-fired successes (like Harry Carnevale, but Harry was alone when he died). In every case, the perp escapes with little or no injury.

Distantly Related ::: A funny thing happened last night: I switched on the evening TV news on Channel 10 WTEN - their LEAD STORY was classic Smalbany - about a couple of dogs who found a new home. When I saw that I spoke aloud "that's the lead story? I'm outttttta here!" Immediately switched over to see what 13 and 6 were doing, and found some REAL news!

***More than 6,000 people gathered Tuesday night for a vigil in remembrance of Shenendehowa High School seniors Christopher Stewart and Deanna Rivers. Bailey Wind has been released from the hospital.

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