Sunday, December 02, 2012

Kim Kardashian Shakes Bahrain

Does everyone adore the Kardashians or what?

Kim Kardashian was in Bahrain Saturday to open her milkshake shop. Hardline Salafists protested her visit - and were dispersed by police.

While in Bahrain, Kardashian spent some time on Twitter, posting her photograph with camels in the desert. She also tweeted praise to Bahrain - calling it “the prettiest place on earth”
Not too long ago, KK was in trouble on twitter: she tweeted she was "praying for Israel" during the eight days of Israel-Gaza violence that left over 150 people dead, the vast majority of them Palesitnian. She later tweeted that she was also "praying for Palestine," but the compounded backlash caused her to remove both tweets and apologize on her blog.

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