Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making The Most Out of Off-Network Blogger Tools

Several months back when Google announced an overhaul of the blog*spot/blogger interface, the initial effort was met with great resistance and dismay by users frustrated with the imposed system. Google backed off for a minute, but now everyone MUST use the new interface, or, you don't blog.

Well, that's not exactly true. Blogger still allows you to post via email and phone. But there are a couple of tools I use that I find truly helpful. I have told you about them before, the details are HERE...

Zoundry Raven and Deepest Sender have advantages and disadvantages. Biggest advantage of both: they work very very well on DIAL-UP and superfast on broadband! Here's the way I use them

Zoundry Raven (for me) is for totally original articles with no links. My opinions, musings, technical articles, commentaries. Stand-alone works that need no visits to other sites or blogs. Yes, you can upload images through this app. Sometimes I think bloggers rely too much on external linking. Raven contains a variety of tools that I really find useful:

Tagwords (located under the title bar) can be added as one writes. (This corresponds to Blogger 'labels' displayed at the bottom of each post)

A drop-down menu allows one to choose
(1) categories (also corresponds to Blogger 'labels' displayed at the bottom of each post) -
(2) General (mouseover and click on the screengrab) -
(3) weblog ping - nice! send pings out to 8 service including Google - (4) Tag Sites alerts 4 site sincluding Technorati and - and
(5) for those who still use them, trackbacks, which can be entered or not, at your choosing.

This article was started on Raven and completed via the Blogger/Blog*spot interface so that I could more easily add the links to other articles for those interested in learning about, downloading and pressing these tools into service. Raven lets you save drafts as well, so you can take your time working on posts and articles OFFLINE if you wish (unlike when you're connected to blogger, there is no danger of losing everything you've written if the internet stalls or times out or freezes.)

Powered by Zoundry Raven

Now, I am adding this section in via blogger interface: the previous post about my mobile WP blog was prepared via Deepest Sender, which installs as a firefox plugin right on the toolbar.  I use DS for the same reasons stated above with the exception that it makes adding links extremely easy. And you can assign a different URL if someone clicks on your post title. No labels, though, so if you needed to add them, you would have to do so later. I use them all the time but I'm not sure if they are used by others at all. Here's a screenshot of "Deepest Sender"

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