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Russian LiveJournal Announces Grant Program

MONEY FOR BLOGGING ::: LiveJournal, owned and managed by Russian company SUP Media, just announced [ru] a grant program that will target the development of “interesting, but less well known blogs.” The grant funds could be used by a starting blogger to promote their blog through various paid “promo” services run by the company.
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COMING ATTRACTION ::: Beyoncé Gives A Sneak Peek Into Her Intimate HBO Documentary w/Video clip via MissInfo.tv by Mr.North ::: Beyoncé’s intimate documentary will include extensive first-person footage shot by herself on her personal laptop. She’ll reflect on the celebrity lifestyle, the stage being her sanctuary, and becoming a mother.

Chinese News Podcast

FOLLOW EN ANGLAIS :::For those who are interested in alternative news and commentary related to China, Sinica podcast runs a series of English podcasts focusing on Chinese politics, economics, international relations and how it all relates to China.

BLOOMBERG: "HILLARY FOR MAYOR!"  New York Magazine says NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg sees Mrs. Clinton as a "globe-trotting problem solver like himself," theTimes reports, and the former New York senator certainly has a higher national profile than the City Council speaker. That fits with Bloomberg's apparent goal of becoming a political kingmaker in his post-mayoral life, as does his opinion that mayor of New York is a bigger deal than president of United States. "If in fact he did say that to Hillary Clinton, it’s only because he holds the position and therefore regards it as a step up from being president," Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman told the Times. Clinton, of course, is regularly the subject of speculation for a 2016 presidential run, which she's repeatedly denied, which only leads to more speculation. So let the Hillary 2013 rumors commence.

ON THE MOVE ::: Pablo!
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