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SIMPLE Sensible Blogging Checklist

"...starting a blog is the easiest part of being a blogger..." ~ Bamidele Onibalusi

Everybody has their own take on this... here's my 2 centsworth

(1) moderate spam

(2) use facebook comments as an ADDITIONAL commenting tool for added value and increased interaction

(3) DO NOT ALLOW guest posts


Writing on weblogbetter.com, Zac Johnson advises bloggers "Write Controversial Blog Posts" ::: Quote "One of the easiest ways to get people to click on your links when they see your RSS feed or a listing on the social network is to be writing about something controversial. This can be anything from politics, current news or anything that is going on in the same industry you blog about." Zac goes on to say "Make sure you also write crazy and controversial titles that draw people in."

I will add this to that: MAKE SURE THAT YOUR 'CRAZY CONTROVERSIAL' TITLE IS ONE PEOPLE WILL BE SEARCHING FOR. Huh? Ok - before you assign a title to your blog post, go to Google and type the first couple words in - see where they rank in the autosearch field - then play around - you may discover a better sequence of words - then go check Google trends to verify your findings!

There! That was SIMPLE, right? Things get a little more complicated after the jump!
If you need blog marketing tips, there are plenty here:   Before you check out that link, or if you'd like you can open it in another tab or page, allow me to give you MY interp of "The 6-Step, Freelance Writer’s Guide to Getting Traffic on A Low Budget"

Step #1 - Prepare Your Blog

Keeping visitors after you have lured them to your blog is top priority!
BUT - you can safely IGNORE tip 1 ::: Get Good Hosting: If you’re hosting your website for free, or on a cheap website to save costs, then you’re making a dangerous mistake. Your website could collapse one day when there’s an influx of traffic. Some of the most successful bloggers on the planet are on blog*spot. PERIOD!

The article continues:

If you’re using blogger.com or wordpress.com, these are digital sharecroppers that could pull the plug on your blog at will and there’s nothing you can do.

D'oh! You carefully back-up your blog using any of the methods I have documented in previous articles. Of course if you steal content and ignore copyrights, you and your little blog will be shown the digital door!

2. Get a Professional Design: It’s easy to use free, unprofessional designs but why create a blog in the first place if it won’t be professional?

I agree - but heck, if you have half a brain, you can tweak existing templates. The dangers of 3rd party templates (and blog hosting) include suddenly having images and other critical components of your blog VANISH should the hosting company get hacked and/or go under... (NOT TO MENTION YOUR ACCOUNT GETTING HACKED - LOOK AT THIS - I REST MY CASE!)

3. Focus on Capturing Readers’ Emails: DO NOT bug people via email!
The remainder of the article is good - use the information provided at your own discretion! Another recent article on kikolani.com answers the question "Aside from blog posts, what other content should my blog have?"

There are certain pages that most blogs should have, some depending on your blogging goals. These include the following.  I've "YES"'d almost all!

YES! * About Page – This is where you share a little about yourself and the blog. This one is required for most, if not all blogs.

YES! * Contact Page – This is where you let people know how they can contact you. You can include a form to make things convenient, an email address, or both plus links to your most active social networks (or ones that people can contact you through). This one is required for most, if not all blogs.

YES! * Advertise Page – If you want to offer any advertising options on your blog or your newsletter, let people know what you have to offer plus any statistics that would be relevant for advertisers. This includes your traffic, overall audience (include RSS subscribers & social followers), SEO stats, and any other data you wish to share.

YES! * Hire Me Page – If you offer any services, be sure to list them on an obvious hire me page so people can get to know more about your business.

YES! * Store Page – If you sell products, be sure to list them on an obvious store page so people can easily find and purchase from you.

YES! * Pillar Pages – These are pages that people can go to as a first stop to see what content you have to offer. I created pillar pages to market my writing across all blogs on topics including blogging, business, SEO, and social media.

YES! * Archives Page – In lieu of pillar pages, you can create one main archives page that shows your blog post history by date, category, and latest posts to help new visitors find things easily.

YES! * Resources Page – If you happen to get a lot of questions about the technology, plugins, themes, etc. that you use on your blog, create a reference page where you list all of those things that you can direct people to. Since most of my resources revolve around WordPress, I turned my list of resources into a blog post.

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