Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Bloggers Are Stupid: How Gurus Exploit Them

The self-annointed blogging gurus, who would sell you Google if they thought you were dumb enough to send them $9.99 for it, have been touting one of the WordPress designs that they claim is "clear and simple" but to most visitors, the print is way too large: it looks like first-grade reader text and people standing or sitting behind you can "spy" on you and see what you're viewing.

When I left a comment on one of these blogs (not the one linked to above), a nincompoop answered my comment with an instruction that I should re-size my screen view. F.U. buddy! I am NOT resizing my screen to accomodate one blog. I still read that blog, but I do so via Google Reader, where I can do so comfortably. The problem there (for the blogger) is that my visit does not register on her sitemeter or anywhere else that's counting. If I really need to read and possibly reference the blog content later and I happen to be near a printer, I'll make a hardcopy via

Anyone who builds things for the web, or touts a product that “everybody can use,” should think about Control-F. You know, that browser shortcut that finds text on a page? Ninety percent of people actually don’t know that, along with many other misconceptions about “average user” skills.

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