Saturday, January 26, 2013

Are you a spectator or a participant?

Now you can be both - coming soon to my humble weblog - a forum! We will discuss magick and numbers and things that go bump in the night - I will have more details for you as this thing rolls along - it is in what, for lack of a better name, we shall call "alpha" and as soon as we go to "beta" I will let you know!

This blog is interactive in other ways - try my Facebook comments - easy to use if you are already logged into facebook when you stop by the blog here, FB comments will appear when you click on the URLS assigned to individual posts! A great way to spread my stuff - of course, I also provide you with twitter, stumble upon and sometimes Pinterest buttons - to anyone who helps me out THANK-YOU!

Last but not least, if you look at the bottom of each individual post on this blog you will see a flattr button... it works just like the like button of Facebook. But instead of just getting a number of "likes" you get money... I'll be posting more about Flattr very soon!

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