Monday, January 07, 2013

Broadcast Journalism 2013 Trends

Visual storytelling tool for journalists Storyplanet aiming for 2013 public launch

Storyplanet, which was backed by MIT's Joichi Ito and former head of online at Al Jazeera English Mohamed Nanabhay, lets journalists package content into interactive experiences

The new site makes it easier and faster for anyone with a web-capable cellphone to access information about academics, admissions, athletics, and directions to the College.

This is something you are going to see more of throughout the year.

I have two sites myself that are geared toward smartphone use: this weblog's mobile site as well as my mobi-journal.

Despite a brief outage dubbed the “G-pocalypse”, Storyful and Google held a successful online hangout in December 2012 to discuss “the continued challenges faced by journalists trying to verify content in real-time, and the possibilities offered by technology during a big news event.”

The panel covering this issue was made up of journalists, editors and social media experts from both sides of the Atlantic. Hosted in front of a live audience at Google’s Dublin HQ it was also joined by journalism students from Ireland and the US.

Here's the LINK!

5 resolutions you can make to become a better journalist in 2013

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