Sunday, January 13, 2013

Car Insurance Zip Code Locator

I was reading the Sunday newspaper and noticed an article about being careful when buying a used car. (You've no doubt heard how you should always get a car-fax report, even if you have to pay for it yourself).

Then I spotted another article with tips about saving money when buying a car, whether used or new, and another article on top of that detailing the importance of maintaining an older vehicle.

It all boils down to saving money: I thought of something else that can help you save - your car insurance! Insurance is a neccesity. There are many different companies and many different options when you are shopping for a new policy.

How long HAS it been since you checked your insurance coverage? Do you have what you need? Is there anywhere you figure you could be overinsured or underinsured? Go through a scenario, "What would happen if..." and see how your car insurance stacks up! Here's an exapmle:

What would happen if someone hit my car while it was parked outside my house?

What if while I was driving, a passing truck kicked up a stone and it cracked my windshield?

What if there was a big storm and my car was damaged by flooding?

These are just 3 little examples - you may have some unique to your location or vehicle. Does your insurance policy meet not only legal needs of your state but also YOUR NEEDS if anything should happen to your vehicle?

Bookmark this website:, where you can check out available car insurance and area-specific coverage plans - simply enter your zipcode!

Reviewing your insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you are protected from any heavy financial loss. Check your deductible amounts as well. Don't go for a high-deductible if you won't be able to cover it should something happen to your car, truck or SUV later on down the road!

Be smart, stay safe, drive carefully, and stay on top of your car insurance!

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