Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chip Kelly, The Younger Beyoncé, and other things...

Images of Beyoncé

Very Young Beyoncé

"White" Beyoncé


There's a buzzword for ya!

I've been busy tweaking and re-purposing my two smaller blogs. Intelligent Bacon I have officially designated as my "tech" or "geek" blog - future posts will be restricted to that genre. The Blogging Warehouse is being honed to focus purely on blogging trends and money-making endeavours.

Any posts that appear on either blog will also be linked from here, so don't worry, you won't miss anything. I just felt that carefully narrow-niche-ing these two publications was the smart thing to do at this point in blogging time. Let me know in comments here if you have suggestions for either one of these two blogs (other than delete, that is!) LOL!  Now, here's a look at what's happening around the blogsophere:

Aaron Swartz, Carmen Ortiz, Lanny Breuer and the Digital Revolution -Yesterday, as I wrote about institutionalized racism in America, I asked the question, "Is there something we should be learning from Sandy Hook or the d...

CNN (blog)
Without a new season of "American Idol" to pencil in her calendar, Jennifer Lopez is eyeing some studio time. The actress and singer told CNN Tuesday while discussing her new crime thriller, "Parker," that the past few years haven't allowed for extra ...

Photos: Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” Video Shoot With no solo tracks or full-length releases, 2012 was a pretty low-key year (by superstar rapper standards, anyway) for Drake. 

Tourists at Jilin Ice Festival Shoot Arrows at Live Roosters Chinese netizen reactions to a Jilin Ice Festival activity allowing visitors to reenact Chinese-Korean folk tradition by shooting roosters with a bow and arrow...

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