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Elizabeth Wurtzel Quotes - Part 1 of Living In A Real-Time Neverland

I Recently read a lengthy piece in The Cut by Elizabeth Wurtzel. The author was very very introspective, and Slate Magazine criticized the article: "memoir finally hits bottom." I don't think so! I was impressed with this little gem! Many other publishing entities weighed in with their own odd asessments and evaluations. Perhaps the Observer was most gracious:
Adapted from The Cut

By now, none of you will have read Prozac Nationauthor Elizabeth Wurtzel’s 5,500-word piece inNew York magazine. Sure, some of you might have read the Jezebel summary, or the Huffington Post review, or any one of the thousands of traffic-baiting posts (including this one!) claiming that they can accurately sum up this behemoth.
That is a lie. It is impossible to summarize Wurtzel’s end-of-the-year summary, since it encompasses everything:

I read Elizabeth's story, and I had to read it again. And again. And once more. I read it a few times, because I saw right through it, right to the soul of its message. It moved me so, I wrote a blog article about it, but that article is unfinished... so I'm publishing this one first, with the other to follow within a week... it has a title, "Living in a real-time neverland." So I made this post Part 1.

How old are you now? You can have a "life crisis" at 20, 30, 40, 60 etc., that "mid-life crisis" as they once called it can strike anytime. Elizabeth Wurtzel mentions "at 44 my life was not so different from the way it was at 24," though that singular statement doesn't solidify a diagnosis of crisis in itself, the rest of her article does.

Quotes from the article:

"I live specifically, with intent."

"I live in the chaos off adolescence."

Think back to when you were just 5 or 6 year sold. What did you want to be when you "grew up" - what would you have liked to have been able to "train" for, if your family could have afforded it? For many people, simple things like music lessons or horseback riding or skiing are luxuries and dreams. Now here's another quote:

"I had been planning to go to Harvard since I was 6 years old."

As I read through the Wurtzel piece, I thought to myself, "recklessness doesn't follow succes, but it does come fro a time during young adulthood." Think about that for a moment!

"Maybe I should have been wiser"

"One person's purple is someone else's violet is someone else's indigo is someone else's blue" (and you can't please everyone - sometimes you just need to please yourself, and not feel guilty about it!)

"I am a free spirit. I do not know any other way to be."

Remember this: time flows like a river, pasing by old churches, post offices, newspapers, discarded VHS players, 8-tracks and Cathode Ray (CRT) televisions...

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