Monday, January 14, 2013

Facebook Alienated Users: Now Goes After Bloggers, Brands, Businesses

Facebook has done a wonderful job screwing around with everything, alienating its users and making everything hard to do that once was a snap. So why should it treat businesses and bloggers and brands any differently?

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Brands will now lose reach on Facebook, but there is hope...

New Facebook algorithm: What brands should pay attention now***

The change in Facebook came quietly, but has major implications for business. Since the 19th December last year, is seen at company sites to a significant reduction of "Reach-numbers". The reason for this is another conversion of a Facebook algorithm. This change has a radical impact on the handling of brands with Facebook. Brands need to define their Facebook from now on new strategies and position in the new Facebook's communication mix. Our analysis shows that especially small to medium-sized sites have problems.

What has happened:

The decline of "Reach numbers" is a result of an innovative algorithm. The numbers of Likes, Shares, and Comments are the average of previous posts, but the range decreases further. Facebook has managed to contributions to be made available only to users who have potential interest to respond to these posts. Brands have lost to reach, but gained interaction potential. Brands can act in the future to plan much more precisely.

New opportunities are now using:

Brands must now adapt their Facebook strategy! Facebook giving them new opportunities. Specifically the content management is a key role for the changeover. "Likes" and "shares" have lost relevance and the moderation of a post takes a decisive role. Determines the number of comments, the range now - the more comments recorded a post, the higher is its range. Brands that are migrating your application quickly and put their focus more on the content management can secure a decisive advantage over competitors. "Nice weekend posts" are the requirements of the algorithm no longer adequate. The media budget should be adjusted and the Facebook fan page finally a solid pillar in the communication of the trademark.

*** translated from the original article Neuer Facebook-Algorithmus: Was Marken jetzt beachten sollten
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