Monday, January 28, 2013

"Gun Crisis" resolved in Albany : Pass a law, Get Over it?

This is interesting. In my Google RSS reader this morning. Public attention/fascination/outrage associated with guns is over - at least in Albany, if this information is accurate!

Here's a snippet or two:

...the Albany gun show took place in the State owned convention center in the Empire Plaza and not a protestor in sight. There were record crowds though... the show went on without so much as whimper from the anti-gun crowd. No Yepsen or David Soares, no Move-on bullhorns. No fire breathing ministers or crying women, no one tried to stop me from taking pictures...

...a  community forum on guns and gun violence was held Saturday afternoon in Albany. Sponsored by Albany County DA David Soares, Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff, Albany SNUG and Assembly member John Mcdonald, among others. The event was billed as an attempt to extend the "gun conversation" throughout the community. Guess what happened? Six adults and a baby showed up. I guess Albany didn’t get the memo from Susan Steer about how important this is.Don’t believe me. See video. The video was up and the link was LIVE when this article was posted: I suggest you view it before it is taken down - In the past I've seen local news videos from this particular station "disappear" so catch it while you can!

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