Friday, January 11, 2013

Issues Waiting For Answers

DiNapoli event
Hey everyone! Happy Weekend!

It has been a full week for me! Started off running on Monday morning, attending New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's annual January media breakfast.

Dashed off a story about the FLU ep then had to run to the City on Tuesday and on Wednesday covered the star-studded no-frack rally at the Empire State Plaza, topped off by Governor Cuomo's State of the State address. Busy again Thursday and Friday... today covering the upcoming Gun Show at Saratoga City center. So busy I totally negelcted to upload any pix to my mobile blog, so I included some here.

Pete Seeger
A full week it was, a great week - and I have some surprises coming up on this blog for you! Hints: Elizabeth Wurtzel, and for all of you poor people writing pathetic "Blogging Income Report" posts every month, a way to make REAL money! I see too many of these "reports" where Tim or Sue is making 50 bucks if they're lucky (yeah I know there are some who are claiming HUGE monthly windfalls - some of those I think are ficticious, while I know for a fact others are real) and I have found a way to guarantee your income if you have a minimum number of interested readers (it's called a "following" - a REAL following of folks genuinely interested in you and your blog!)

Sean & Yoko
No, I didn't get to cover Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon's visit to the State Capitol today - I would have loved to - but I did notice that Sean tweetpic'd several snapshots of the artwork at the Capitol, that so many of us "never see" - I'll betcha Governor Cuomo would be proud to read Sean's tweets!

 Speaking of twitter, check this out:
Twitpic founder quietly relaunches Twitter rival Heello in beta: Like, but free - The Next Web 

Now, on to other business at hand:

Three Media Issues We Can’t Ignore in 2013

Josh Stearns, Op-Ed: We’ve accomplished a lot in 2012, but when it comes to the fight for better media there is always more to do. There are three critical issues we must tackle in the coming year and one is to strengthen the First Amendment. Much was made of the journalist arrests in the early months of the Occupy movement in 2011. The fact is that almost the same number of reporters were harassed and arrested in 2012 as in 2011. What connects ownership, the First Amendment and public media is the need for us all to take the future of media into our own hands.

And this story has been HUGE Internationally:

Discussing the Caribbean's Rape Culture

Read this post.

The disturbing gang-rape - and subsequent death - of a young woman in Delhi, India, has elicited global outrage and discussion about gender-based violence. A handful of Caribbean-based bloggers have been sharing their thoughts, not the least of which is that rape is a men's issue.

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