Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Day 2013

Welcome to Monday, Martin Luther King Day in the USA!

The weather forecast for around these parts is C.O.L.D. That's happening because I am going to be outdoors quite a bit over the next several days. It never fails. The days in winter when I have to be out and about always seem to be the most brutally cold ones. Not too much in the way of wind in the forecast, but anytime one is walking through the downtown area, even in summer, it's like a wind tunnel.

The image on the left depicts today's "Popular Posts" - every single one has to do with a WOMAN. Every one. What is the fascination, I wonder? And who is really reading (and caring about) these posts?

One time when I was on a site, I think it might have been associated with Alexa, that purports to give the blogger a sense of who is reading the blog. I was on that site a few different times over the last 5 years and it essentially says the same thing. But the audience it describes seems like it would have no interest in say, Nicki Minaj. let alone, Gia or Dawn Yang, and certainly not Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Upon further investigation, I noticed something in the statmeters I use to measure traffic. Now, I use two different ones plus Google's built-in blogger stats. The reports the three generate could represent three different blogs. If  I went by "sitemeter A" - I have less than half the traffic Google says I have, and only the "Dawn Yang" post remains in the Top 5 - placing at #1, just like on Google. But 2 thru 5 are vastly different - matter of fact - 2 thru 5 don't show up on either "sitemeter A" OR "sitemeter B" - and there are two different sets of 2 thru 5 on each!

I know for a fact that one sitemeter doesn't record any visit when it comes from a mobile phone. The other doesn't "see" visits from certain brands of tablet computers. And if I go on the computer at the Public Libraray but read my blog thru RSS, you wouldn't know I visited... only Google "catches" and logs that visit! Anybody who can explain this phenom or knows of a good URL that does, please, inject it into Facebook or blogger comments!

Interestingly enough, my posts about "the fake girlfriend" haven't racked up much in the way of hits... being curious, I set out to discover why.

It seems those particular posts haven't "gelled" with any of the search engines. And number one on Monday's list of popular posts has a very extensive presence on search engines and websites of all kinds. Ditto for #5, which was just uploaded Sunday. Why the engines pick up and run with some posts but not others is somewhat of a mystery to me... although I have noticed that anytime I blog about something that is in the Top 10 on Google trends, Google and IceRocket don't count my posts. If I blog about something that is not getting ANY movement or "juice" on the search engines, my links show up in the #1 positions almost within minutes. go figure!

I haven't checked this morning, but feel free to check and leave me a comment if you find out that Wendy Cheng's Xiaxue blog has been restored after deletion, as reported here.

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