Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK's Final Marching Orders

We do this year after year in Albany, NY - and many other cities across America. And we've come a long way. Or at least we perceive that we have come a long way.

MLK’s Final Marching Orders

Kazu Haga, Op-Ed: If we as a nation are going to continue to use Martin Luther King Jr.’s name and image as a moral compass, then we owe it to him to continue his legacy of struggle. We owe it to him to remind ourselves that he was not only a loving person who wanted everyone to get along, but also a radical who was not afraid of confrontation. We must remind ourselves that he was a man who called for a movement that is “nonviolent, but militant, and as dramatic, as dislocative, as disruptive, as attention-getting as the riots.”
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