Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Drue Charged in Northway Crash

"State Police Troop G Bureau of Criminal Investigation Capt. Steven James said police were investigating if Drue was texting at the time of the crash." ~ Albany Times Union

Life is packed with characters of all designs.

You have probably known someone like Toomer the Drue. I would suspect this fellow changed his last name after years of torture from other humans. Maybe he reasoned that if he changed the name, he could shake the dark cloud that always followed him. I'm just speculating.

Overheard on the bus ::: "Why so many charges aginst him?" "They wanna get him before he kills somebody else."


Dec 11, 2012
You really can't single out Dennis Drue Toomer. It could have been anyone in anycar bumping the teens' SUV. Fate would have it so. SUV's are NOT the Supermen of the Streets that the media has hyped them to be. I saw but ...
Dec 06, 2012
From the Times-Union ::: "Drue, who changed his name from Dennis Toomer about a year ago, also angered his landlord and neighbors with a belligerent attitude and suspicious behavior after a stream of cars drove up and ...
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Anonymous said...

Don't worry! Mommy and Daddy's money got him out of everything in the past and it won't stop here! His radio bigshot lawyer will get him off that's a fact! Someday he'll kill somebody! O Wait, he already did! Stupid me!

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