Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Politics and Populace (other bloggers)

A Keyboard Near ::: "Our military has been neutered by the King who crows about being Commander in Chief - who never served a day in the military.

By his own proclamation he intends to establish a civilian force that is stronger and better armed than the military.

You will be vulnerable and defenseless because you have been disarmed by your "elected" rulers.

Any clue who will comprise the King's guard?

They soon may be quartered and fed by you in your homes.

The worst is yet to come."

A Keyboard Far ::: "we don't protect people, we take away their guns. We attack others so they attack us. We send children to battle promising them a future. Ugh... and then we never care for them. We create bigger bombs to bomb others so they can bomb us. Enemies don't just exist, they are created by governmental institutions to make for sale: guns, bombs, experimental medicine and people.

Politics equals fame as big as any rock star and comes with all the perks. You get to smile while holding babies and grabbing ass because, like some demi-god, you have the permission to do as you please because you were elected by the people and for the people and they're paying you as you hide behind congratulatory signs of 'Just say no' campaigns and 'the war on drugs.'"
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