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Topping the list of searches here on my humble weblog: Ms. Dawn Yang!

Topping Google's list of hot searches in North America:

50,000+ searches
Some Serious Questions About the New Horror Movie 'Mama'The Atlantic Wire

Have a look at some very interesting articles:
Land O'Lakes finds success with dairy micro co-ops in Malawi
By Kimberlee Ables, January 7, 2013
The top US dairy cooperative has brought decades of expertise to Malawi, creating micro co-ops that pool their milk for purchase by one of the country's largest processors. The five-year program by Land O'Lakes, supported by a grant from USAID, set up or expanded 23 milk bulking groups across the country. The result? Farmers' incomes were boosted, and they got access to productivity-enhancing inputs, insurance coverage, technical training and community prestige.

CNN (blog)
The "Django Unchained" action figures that were causing a heap of controversy (something the movie is already quite familiar with) are now officially discontinued. 

China: Top 10 Independent Movies of 2012
Shelly Kraicer, a China-based writer and film curator offered a list of the best Chinese independent films made in 2012. ChinaFile has more details.

Hacker, 2013 *For Allen Ginsberg and Aaron Swartz* I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness. The angry fix they sought was far different from that of...

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