Monday, January 28, 2013

Protect copyright of your pictures on Google's new image search

Several months back I published a couple of articles warning bloggers and others about using images.

-Original artwork, photographs and public domain images should always be your first choice. If you have any doubt that an image may be under coppyright don't use it. If you "borrow" an image from another's blog, make that clear.

To that I now add:

- Utilize lower resolution images - I do this all the time - when I upload my image I make sure it is already of smaller size, and I use the dashboard's built-in tools to shrink it further - remember: even a fuzzy image looks sharp when reduced in size!

- If you MUST use hi-res hi-quality photos and other graphics, place visible watermarking on your pics.There are a lot of sites that automatically remove all embedded metadata - including copyright information!

- Protection and identification of your images is important: many folks sign up for services like twiter, instagram, facebook and even blog*spot without actually reading those "terms of service." Add unique alt and title information to the html of your pictures. Many times I will label a pic "1268.jpg" - I have uploaded THOUSANDS of pics with that same name. Makes 'em harder for people to find a certain image then copy it!

- If you are good at html, robots.txt or htaccess (possibilities of targeted redirection included) can restrict access to others and may completely prevent it. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Read this thread from the Webmaster World forum :::"Content theft is no longer something for scrapers and ordinary thiefs. It's the new business model. "-" I saw a 70% drop! "-" Min 30% DOWN traffic today with this new image layout "-" adsense earnings down 50% today ".
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