Sunday, January 06, 2013

Russian E-ink Smartphone YotaPhone AMAZING!

Would YOU use Yota Devices' dual screen LCD/E-ink smartphone? Dual sim telephones are the norm across much of the Eastern Globe - some Southeast Asian countries even offer 3-sim phones so you can have one "private" one family and one businesss number - with three different mobile carriers if you like. The thing that kills the idea in North America is that none of the sim carriers here offers anything that would really save anyone any money or have any advantage to having a dual sim telephone. Greedy corporate America always defeats or disables advances in technology that would truly help people. it's all about money.

I've just about completed an article all about the new Smartphone technology and how it is changing everything, building upon the base created by the rise of the internet (which is leaving a trail of dead newspapers and magazines, and eventually the US Post Office, in its wake). I'll be posting that very soon. Meanwhile, let me turn you on to a little company called Yota.

Now, along comes an Android-based Smartphone that is really super-functional: Let's say you are out in a strange city and you consult Google maps. Your battery is low and you don't have your charger with you. This Russian smartphone has what is referred to as "an e-ink display on its rear" - a second, full-sized screen that NEEDS NO POWER - you tap a button on the front of the phone and PRESTO - your Google Map is on the back. The image will NOT fade away! You don't have to p[ress any buttons or refresh screen to keep it visible!

BBC's Richard Taylor talks to Yota Devices CEO Vladislav Martynov about why he hopes e-ink on the second screen is the answer consumers have been looking for. Users of the so-called YotaPhone by Yota Devices can use the E-Ink display to read that map or news or books or blogs in direct sunlight rather than being forced to find a good angle on the LCD side of the smartphone!

Let's hope this phone (or something like it) finds its way to the USA very soon!


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Dani said...

The new tech is definitely exciting!

Worm666 said...

I expect Yota will patent this before Apple claims to have invented it.

Anonymous said...

A truly wonderful idea, and I hope it becomes a mainstream success!!!

Annette said...

I love this!


Anonymous said...

I wait for the day when we see moving images in magazines and newspapers, like in the Harry Potter movies!

Tex 102 said...

This is just one of many accessories to smartphones. In 2013 it’s going to be about leveraging the power of a smartphone and its operating system(s).

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