Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sarah Prout and the 10 Elements of Blog

Ah, Tuesday, January 29th, 2013.

Hokey smokes! 2013? Wow, time flies! I was over at Sarah Prout's blog last night. She published an article entitled "10 Elements Every Blog Should Have to Be More Awesome" and I left her a comment. There is one thing I have a hard time with when I read her blog: her text colour shows up very pale in my browser - other than that, her blog is really awesome.

I see a lot of blogs using "extra white space" - but I think it is wasted space. I believe when you come here and visit my blog, your eyes are drawn to the middle column. The two sidebars are simply that - sidebars - but they are populated with some ads and information, including URLS I have put there for my own enjoyment - websites I visit frequently along with some that don't update all that often, so I can see immediately when they do update! Something for me - something for you!

Let's examine Sarah's 10 elements: (1) A newsletter sign-up box - she recommends this, and I don't offer one. I used to write and distribute an email newsletter before blogs became popular! I don't think there would be any demand for a newsletter from me at this time. I think the blog is enough.

(2) A super-dooper about page, and (3) Social buttons to share your content I'm good to go on those two!

(4) A Facebook ‘like’ button to your page - Now, I offered on for awhile but I removed it - I forget why, but I'm sure if anyone on facebook comes across anything I've written that they really like they'll spread the word.

(5)Monetised elements - yup, I've got 'em.
(6)That "White Space" stuff - not for this blogger!
(7)Fonts that are easy to read - here's where her blog falls down in the dirt - unless she is not seeing it the same way through her browser as I am thru mine... Here's a little screengrab for ya:
See what I'm sayin'? Looks a bit washed out and difficult to read!

I think I have (8) (9) and (10) covered. Branding that really represents my message, ways for people to contact me and of course, unique (or at least really interesting) content. Thanks, Sarah!

Thought for the day:

 "Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all." — Ecclesiastes 12:13
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