Sunday, January 06, 2013

Soul Dreaming

Have you not witnessed the Shadow of Death cast long upon us and our daily lives here in the Northeastern USA since early December?

The "Angel of death" has been swooping down like an angry eagle.

Two Shen High School students.

A Latin-American Pop Star.

The children and teachers at Sandy Hook.

Firefighters near Rochester.

This Friday past, a 14-year old girl passed after a fire in her Niskayuna home.

Also Friday, a Professor at SUNY New Paltz was found in his car in one of the parking lots at the college after a faithful journey made one final time.

And four more dead in Aurora CO.

There's an old African proverb that goes something like this: "You may leave your house in the morning, but there is no guarantee you will come back at night."

More sad news this morning. Former FIU player Chandler Williams has died at just 27 years old.  

May God rest and Bless all of these souls.

In the little picture below, there was a lady who once worked at a place where I did - she fell ill and us workers were told she was hospitalized but would be back in four to six months. Her cubicle was decorated with little figurines she had collected along with photos of children, probably nieces, nephews, maybe grandkids. She never came back. The night before she died, I had a dream that I was flying through a starfield, and saw a winged figure coming from the opposite direction. It had her face, adorned with a radiant smile, the kind of smile you would see on a small child who has just found a joyous moment after a prolonged episode of crying. We all meet souls and spirits in our dreams. I guess she was headed in the direction of "home" as I continued my way across the River Time.

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