Monday, January 14, 2013

Sprint to add FM radio to smartphones – too little, too late?My

My Fly Ying
Yes it is! (Later than Sprint thinks!) I read the "news" delivered by Paul Riismandel on radiosurvivor ::: "The biggest radio news to come out of CES this week was Sprint’s announcement that it struck a deal to integrate FM radio tuners in some of its smartphones."[LinK]

Here's my 2 centsworth ::: My Fly Ying dual-sim hIphone has FM and TV - REAL tuners, not screwy apps - I've had the phone for more than two years now and even though I don't make calls on it at this time, I use the phone to listen to the radio and to make easy-to-transfer video files.

My actual smartphone is a BlackBerry, but the camera on it is a real piece of crap. On the bright side, I was able to move all of my Fly Ying Chinaphone stuff over to the BB. I wrote back in early 2012 when I activated the BB: "The only thing I'm going to miss is the built-in FM radio on the Chinaphone, but I'll live with that (or at least try to)."

If only I could figure out how to macgyver my old kyocera wildcard so I could use it as a camera, I'd be on Cloud 9!

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