Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sustainable Blogging

Back in 2010 blogger Kim Werker published a post about flattr[1]. I recently discovered it while searching for more info to expand my knowledge and understanding aboutthe service. Just as it happened to me with twitter, MySpace and Facebook, when I tried to sign up I found I had done so in the past. So I'm already a member. Sweet!

Simply put, Flattr is a social micropayment platform that lets you show love for the things you like. Think of it as a networking tool to help support the blogs you like and enable the bloggers to continue with what they do. In today's challenging economic times, every penny counts!

You may have seen the Flattr buttons that have appeared at the bottom of the posts here on my blog and been ignoring them, or wondering what they are for.

Flattr is free. You don't have to add funds.You can just choose to receive and not give. But since the minimum amount one can give is so small and so easily accomplished via paypal, you must at least contribute that amount in order for the program to work its monetary magic.

Adding money to a Flattr account, and withdrawing revenue from a Flattr account can be done via PayPal, Moneybookers, several credit cards (including Visa, EC and MasterCard) and other methods.

IMPORTANT ::: Flattr relies on network effect to prove useful, it is necessary that users join and have the opportunity to flattr and be flattr'd. A wide number of platforms are supported including WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla among many others.

Flattr was founded in Malmö, Sweden, by Peter Sunde, who was one of the founders of piratebay, together with Linus Olsson, as a way to encourage people to share money aside from content. It can be very hard to earn money with content on the internet just by advertisement and Flattr wants to make it easier for people to give monetary tokens of appreciation and for bloggers and content creators to earn money. How does it work practically?

You start by setting up an account on flattr and transfer some money to it by credit card or paypal. Remember: flattr is about giving and getting, before you can start making money getting flattred you need to add some funds. Withdrawals are supported via Paypal and Moneybookers.

How to Use Flattr, the Microdonation PlatformIs there a "catch"? The only downside is that you can only Flattr sites which have signed up.

Funding ::: In 2012 Flattr received funding from Passion Capital Investments, LLP and Federico Pirzio-Biroli to the sum of EUR1.6 million.

Awards Best New Startup in 2010 - TechCrunch Europe. Hoola Bandoola Band award. Top-10 in Netexplorateur 2011.

Additional resources used to compile this post include [1] Flattr: One Step Closer to Sustainable Blogging. I was able to communicate with Kim Werker who told me she continues to use flattr but "adoption never hit a critical mass" on the crafts sector of the blogosphere. But that's just one small niche. I also obtained information from, wikipedia and in preparing this article.

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