Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Explainer

"Think reader before editor. Think software before content. Think simplicity before features. Think mobile before desktop." ~ Martin Belam

During Summer 2012 I was watching NBC Nightly News when I heard something "new" (new to me, anyway) - a correspondent reporting a story of National interest was introduced as an "explainer." I have come to like the term so much I have used it in the masthead on one of my blogs and on social media. The term "explainer" has significant meaning for me, as a broadcast journalist.

Mark Little, founder and chief executive of social news agency Storyful ::: "Journalists are no longer people who hold scarce information and serve it up to a passive audience; they are essentially managers of this overabundance of information." And I would include bloggers in there as well!

One of my long-time favorite bloggers, Michelle Malkin, was on Fox and Friends this morning, with scathing commentary on the Journal News running a map identifying gunholders throughout Westchester and rockland counties. I am preparing a story for the radio today about one community preparing to install armed guards at a rural motor vehicles office. The Journal News now has armed guards on its own property - and did you know that the school the Obama girls go to has approx. 16 armed guards on site at all times? Do what I say, not what I do is President obama's message to me and you!

After watching the DVD Obama 2016 I was receptive to something I heard on the radio yesterday: someone opining that he beleives there are TWO Democratic parties operating in the US, and he thinks one is a parasite, trying to devour the other from within. Hmmm... that would explain a lot of things that are going on in American Politics. I wonder if he's right?

I am very sad but not surprised to see that awful Time-Warner has bounced CurrentTV on the announcement the network pioneered by Al Gore is being sold to Al-Jazeera. Al-J has a wonderful news organization (I follow them on twitter) which has become the victim of racism and the fear and hate that goes with it. Time-Warner is one of the last bastions of the "AOL Sucks" mentality and mindset of forcing things people don't want down their throats: something Google has experimented with a little bit. Something FACEBOOK has been doing to loyal devotees since mid-2012 like a madman. FB is not long for this digital world. Mark my words, it will crumble.

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Screw the JournalNews! said...

Carmel, N.Y. – 1/3/2013 – Today Senator Greg Ball (Patterson – R, C, I) joined Putnam County Clerk, Dennis Sant and other officials at the Putnam County Court House to announce that Putnam County will not be releasing the records of Putnam Pistol Permits to the Journal News.

Senator Ball, in the Assembly multi-sponsored Assembly bill 820, legislation which would prohibit the public disclosure of information in an application for a pistol license with exceptions for prosecutors and police conducting an active investigation. Senator Ball will be introducing similar legislation, immediately. The bill would protect lawful gun owners from being targeted by thieves for firearm burglaries and eliminate a database criminals could use to extort their identity-theft victims.

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