Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tkaczyk vs. Amedore: We Have A Winner!

And the winner is... all of us!

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat! Don't believe everything TV tells you! Last night I was amused to see "Newschannel" 13 trying to make big point by claiming "Amedore did not congratulate Tkaczyk" or words to that effect. Listen to what CeCe says on my radio report.

The super-close election should convince the most doubting of Thomases that YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Remember that next time you choose to opt out of an election. Don't pass any opportunity to choose a leader by.

Due to the nature of my work as a broadcast journalist, I have met with both candidates. Campaign fever and rhetoric aside, here we have two wonderful salt-o-the-earth people. This contest reminded me of the Chris Gibson-Scott Murphy election, where you had two candidates so good you wished both could win.

We the people can benefit from the Senate race in "taking home" some "real-life applications" --- 

(1) Giving up something good for a "sure thing" - Assemblyman Amedore "gave up" his seat to run in what was described as "a new district gerrymandered just for him by the GOP." They probably said stuff like "It's a sure thing, George, don't worry!" Of course you can look at that in two ways. George is a homebuilder, not a career politician. Financially speaking, losing an election wouldn't destroy his bank account. But he had a nice gig going there in the Assembly, where he always had his constituents' best interests at heart. And he was one lawmaker who could tell you "why" without flinching he was against a bill that YOU might have thougt was wonderful. You'd go check a few things out afterward, and you'd find out the man was correct!

The "second way" of looking at that is using the TV quiz show mentality, where the contestant who has everything is asked if he or she instead would like to choose box number 2 or suitcase #12. Or the lottery ticket winner who just pocketed A couple hundred bucks gets talked into blowing it all on more lottery tickets - then comes up empty-handed. Use and keep what you have wisely!

(2) Getting an unexpected boost from others. In the world of magic and media, it sometimes take one person to notice you or something you have created to catapult you into stardom. Sometimes the process is very slow. Think Wendy Cheng and her Xiaxue blog. A teenager in Singapore, who otherwise might have taken an entirely different lifepath has become an international cel-webity. Yes, being promoted by outside forces can be wonderful - remember that homeless dude with the beautiful announcer's voice? Once the "right person" came along, his life changed. And that thing that's "sweeping the nation" regarding doing favors for complete strangers - it's kinda like that.

CC Tkaczyk was one of those few lucky candidates picked by an International group that plays king (and queen) makers. Groups and entities with ties to George Soros dumped dollar after dollar after dollar into advertising promoting his "chosen ones." CC was one of those "chosen."

Think of somebody visiting the donation box on your blog and depositing USD $10,000 into your paypal account. You're not gonna turn that down! The Sorosians believe there is something CC will help them with - though they may never have to communicate with her at all. Something that may be a small blip on her agenda may be a big one for Soros. For example, that person who dumped 10K into your paypal may like the fact that once in awhile you post Katy Perry videos on your blog. They adore katy Perry. But you will never find out why they sent you the cash. Get it?

The up side to all this is we have a new NYS Senator who will work tirelessly for the people. And we still have George Amedore, and even if he chooses not to run for any other political office, he will remain a businessman and a pillar of the local community.

Congrats CC, and congrats George! Two great Americans. Two great leaders. Two fine people.
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