Friday, January 04, 2013

Title Baiting

Today I had to turn off email notifications from Storify. My inbox was becoming overwhelmed with crap. One of the worst forms of crap besides unwanted email is LINK BAIT, which often is accompanied by TITLE BAIT. I found a marvelous article this morning:

Be Careful When Title Baiting

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Nile says "Title baiting is a form of attracting attention to something in a false manner. In blogging, this does happen, and the result is not always so favorable for the blog." Speaking of Title baiting, there's getting to be a lot of it on twitter these days. Some of the self-proclaimed blogging gurus are engaging in LINK/TITLEBATING via the microblogging service!

What is Link Baiting, you ask? Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. It's not a bad thing in itself. It's only "bad" when self-absorbed "guru" marketers use it to exploit other bloggers and websurfers to line their own pockets.

BENIGN EXAMPLE OF TITLEBAIT ::: Something I posted in August 2012 that is getting a lot of hits today.

FESTERING SORE OF AN EXAMPLE OF TITLEBAIT ::: A certain self-centered guru powerblogger whose identity I leave up to you to figure out loves to use TWITTER to regularly tweet out linkbait!
Nearly every link in the above twitterfeed screenshot takes you to a sales pitch or "offer" of some kind, and if by chance she cites a genuine article, you have to jump through link-hoops to actually get to the article, as you battle "offers" and sales-pitches along the way.


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