Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Which Direction Home, Blog?

I'm sitting here, listening to my radio, aware of an approaching winter storm, nursing a cup of hot cocoa. Just made a few small tweaks to the blog here. And looking to the future - where I want the blog to go from here.

I just read a very thoughtful piece on copyblogger.com, entitled "Three Basic Elements of Content that Spreads." I recommend you read and really think about the components that form the skeleton of a great blog post or a great magazine article. Of the 6,000+ posts I've uploaded to this blog, I'll bet you less than 25 would hold up to the strict standards defined in the copyblogger post. If YOU are a blogger or a writer, how would YOUR materials fare?

The current 3-column incarnation you see on this humble weblog was something I had longed to do for years and finally accomplished around one year ago! If you look up under my name in the title or header, you'll see a bar of links including "Mobile" which takes you to the smartphone (and tablet?) version of this publication.

Has the tablet and/or mobile experience changed how you consume media? While it has for many, there are still MILLIONS of people all around the world who are avle to read this blog on a desktop, be it an LCD, LED or CRT screen. So I don't know how long it may be before I have to bend and go with the flow and adapt one of those goofy minimalist templates... maybe I won't have to if people gravitate toward that "Mobile" one that I offer. And for the rest, the "newsmagazine" or "newspaper" style I have fine-tuned should suffice.

Here's a bit of what's going down right now across the blogsophere: (after the jump)

Nigeria: Tweep Detained For Taking Photographs
The Nigerian blogosphere was thrown into panic due to the arrest of Eggheader Odewole (@eggheader) for taking photographs of a windmill unde... More »

and via twitter, here is a respectful and accurate write-up of Aaron Swartz’s funeral this morning: 

Armenian Blogger on Trial for Satire Photo of Politician

Read this post.
Edgar Barseghyan, the creator of satire photo website, Demotivator.am is on trial for publishing a satirical photo of a model's body with the superimposed face of Armenian politician Tigran Urikhanyan and the caption "Stylish Politician of the Year".

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