Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Will a Cup of Coffee will Cost More?

One of life's cherished pleasures, IMHO, is a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee. Since the product is packaged in cans, now may be a good time, especially when you see a sale, to stock up on your favorite brand!

Coffee growers across Central America and Mexico are worried that a fungal outbreak of Hemileia vastatrix or ‘coffee rust’ will affect the next harvest of coffee berries. ICAFE - Instituto del Café de Costa Rica | The Institute of Coffee of Costa Rica estimates the outbreak may severely affect the 2013–14 harvest. Prices are holding steady... for now!

The fungus causes the plants to lose their leaves, affecting overall plant health. Scientists are tackling the problem genetically, looking for ways to interrupt the fungus' natural cycles so as to render it harmless, or at least less toxic to coffee plants. Researchers are also looking to breed more fungus-resistant varieties of coffee. Let's wish them well!

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