Wednesday, January 30, 2013

YouTube Set to Introduce Paid Subscriptions: Blog*spot to Charge Bloggers?

The paid channels could come as soon as April. You can answer the following question in comments or facebook comments [must be logged in first] below!

Which YouTube channels would you be willing to pay for?

At a media conference last year, YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar talked about the potential to poach second- or third-tier cable networks that were having trouble building big enough audiences on cable TV to command subscription fees from distributors.

Currently, YouTube is visited by 800 million people globally every month. The first step toward making you pay for video content is coming! AdAge reports that YouTube is gearing up to launch paid channel subscriptions. They quote multiple sources familiar with the plans who say that the paid subscriptions could debut as early as April 2013.

This may be the long-awaited answer to the prayers of millions of artists, writers and moviemakers who have seen their moneybags consistently disappear very year since the late 1990's. Maybe Anonymous and Pirate Bay will take action on this later on when it actually happens... we'll see!

Self-annointed Blog 'Gurus' are Dancing on their keyboards!

YouTube's first incarnation paid channels will bill you from $1 to $5 per month. YouTube is also considering charging for content libraries and - here's where the gurus begin drooling over your cash - "financial advice shows".

The bigger threat here may be to cable and satellite TV: most of us are tired of paying for a bundle of channels we don't want just so we can watch two or three. With the flatscreen merging internet and TV, YouTube may be thinking way ahead toward attracting cable channels like BBC and Channel [V] to expand their online presence, forcing cable and dish to rethink a la carte pricing models.

YouTube started experimenting with film rentals on the site in the US in May 2011, so making YouTube a "pay enter" site is a logical progression...

A rumour floating around is that if the pay-for-YouTube initiative works out, Google will consider offering blogspotters the chance to continue blogging - for a monthly fee. While I couldn't find anything anywhere to support this notion, I will just say "nothing is a given." The information regarding the fee is said to have appeared on a blog or forum that has since been deleted.

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