Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Abandoned Blog -or- 'Automatic' Blog?

Guest Post by Saki Tumi  © 2013 I work in PR, so everday I see a blur of blogs as I scour the internet during my 9 to 5. There are some very awesome blogs out there but there is nobody "manning the store." On one particular blog, the author urges contact and even provides a special "contact me" page! But you'll never get an answer if you try to get in touch with the blogger.

I thought that a bit odd. I found the blog by way of an article someone else re-tweeted the URL to. On closer inspection, the blog displays no dates or times articles were posted. So the one I was directed to could have put up who knows when? I took a few key lines from the article and googled them. There it is! The first sentence and a few others from the post first appeared on a different blog in 2004.

Here's the juicy part: one of my net-mates found a different article on the same blog that she recognized as a post she and her brother wrote for a blog in 2005 - a blogspot blog that no longer exists! Since the article did not appear anywhere else, she has no proof of co-ownership! She's on the geeky side and was able to determine that the email contact page uses a server that has been out of commission since 2008. So email just vanishes. But there are several ads on the blog that are obviously 2013. And to top it off, the blog is often cited by a couple well-known "blog gurus" - I suspect they have something to do with this blog as well as hundreds of other so-called "scraper" blogs - they steal content from other sources, tweet out the URLS and sit back and collect money from the ads - while the bloggers who originally did all the work get nothing!

KNOW WHERE YOUR CONTENT GOES - watch everything you write and be sure to keep backups of your published posts on CD or thumb. And if you don't get a response from that "wonderful blogger" don't despair! Be true to your own internet self - respond, acknowledge, re-tweet, like and friend when other humans try to make contact with you!
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