Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creating a new Middle Class

U.S. President Barack Obama praised the notion of a "thriving middle class" during his State of The Union address. What exactly is “middle class” in America in 2013? And where exactly does the distinction fit into Obama's agenda? 

 The Wall St. Journal blog offers us a clue:  "Changes in American communities – particularly growing wealth in urban and suburban places – mean the words 'middle class' don’t carry the real weight they once did. The definition of the group has become so broad that crafting something that appeals to it as a whole is a difficult task." 

What kind of clue is that? I think it is not as much a clue as it is a diversion. Think back to the speech, where the President asked us to consider how to rebuild America’s middle class. He didn't say he is going to follow any advice we may give. While we "consider" Washington continues to work on a new model for the Middle Class, which IMHO strives to make citizens fir into a while new "global middle class" picture.

 I'll illustrate this way: think of two computers. Your old desktop running Windows ME and your new netbook running Windows 8. Your task is to network them so they work together, as equals. While that may be impossible for many of you to achieve, there are those reading this who know exactly how to tackle the problem, figure it out, and make it work. Someday in the future, there will be a planet-wide Middle Class - different but equal as you go country-to-country. Continent to continent.

The Right’s Plan: More Poor White Kids

Veena Trehan, Op-Ed: What a difference two decades makes. Those who blasted African Americans with large families as the bane of our society now insist it’s Americans patriotic duty to have more (undereducated, white) children. This time it’s a real crisis. Minorities, just years from becoming the majority, aren’t voting Republican. Of course it’s sold differently. The Wall Street Journal published conservative Weekly Standard writer Jonathan Last’s the “sky-is-falling” article and the Weekend Review’s lead article “America’s Baby Bust” on Feb. 2 has him going apoplectic over our fertility rate.

Some observers have issues with what they say involves mainstream media glorifying and promoting the single-parent "family" - a couple of activists were outraged by this picture published in an Albany, NY Newspaper, depicting a 16-year old whose Mother brought her into the world when she was 16 - one woman calling the photo and story "disgusting! An outrageous disgrace, running it on the front page of a once reputable daily newspaper." Ouch! Take that, print media!

This next item is very significant. In order for the new Middle Class to be tru to its blueprint, this pipeline MUST NOT be built!

Amy Goodman | Historic Tar-Sands Action at Obama’s Door

Amy Goodman, Op-Ed: For the first time in its 120-year history, the Sierra Club engaged in civil disobedience, the day after President Barack Obama gave his 2013 State of the Union address. The group joined scores of others protesting the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which awaits a permitting decision from the Obama administration. The president made significant pledges to address the growing threat of climate change in his speech. But it will take more than words to save the planet from human-induced climate disruption, and a growing, diverse movement is directing its focus on the White House to demand meaningful action.

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