Sunday, February 10, 2013

Father Pays Daughter $200 To Stay Off Facebook

In reading this I am ambivalent whether this is a good idea or not. On the one hand, I understand that a parent would do whatever it takes to get their child off of facebook such as pay them $200. Yet, on the other hand, it seems a bit much in many ways.

All I can say is I hope I don't have to pay my children $200 to not be on facebook, or $200 to clean their rooms, or $200 to not text and drive. I hope I can ask them to limit their facebook time to something reasonable, say an hour a day, and that they respect and honor my request as their mother. Paul's decision to parent his daughter how he sees fit is his own private business.

There is no right or wrong in this. He's the parent. I just hope that I don't walk in his shoes when it comes to my children and social mediums. I don't think I'll pick this path. Also, regarding contracts, I think it's a great thing to have agreements with your children. It teaches them how to write contracts, how to honor your written and implied word and it's a fun experience. I think this one regarding facebook is a bit shallow. Why not put the time toward something more productive such as coming up with a business idea together and write a business plan and contract.

I know! Look at this thought-provoking blog and the stir and fun it's creating. Paul, you and your daughter could write a blog together. Just a thought.

P.S. if other fathers and daughters follow Paul's lead, perhaps the daughter would be willing to put the money earned to something more rewarding than "stuff" such as helping to feed starving people in the world or providing much needed medicine, or help stranded animals. Just another thought.

Guest Post by uberblogger Dhani Annabi

Inspired by the news story originally posted by CBS San Francisco
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