Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fatima - Russia Connection

Will the real Doomsday please stand up?

Now, don't be misled into thinking you're having an "Art Bell moment." Admit that you had at least a tiny bit of concern last year about the end day of the Mayan calendar. Doomsday now gets a curtain call, and this time...

Watch the skies...

Those of you who attended Catholic Schools are very familiar with the apparition seen in 1917 Portugal by the three children of Fatima, as they are known. The conspiracy theory revolving around the "third secret" of Fatima rivals and rises above all others.

I was on the net reading a bunch of stuff (a normal occurence) when I became entangled in a sub-web whilst searching for news articles regarding the resignation of the Pope.

Cosmic coincidence?

While nothing I read called up the Russian meteor's appearance the other day - the realization came in one of those "wait a minute" scenarios - The. Meteor. Hit. Russia.

Now have a look at where I've been:

I started here: "It is believed that this was all foreseen by St. Malachy (d. 1148), a medieval Irish prophet who left us a list of 111 Latin mottoes – each signifying the life, heraldry, name or works of every Pontiff from his contemporary Celestine II (1143-1144) up to Benedict XVI. What follows in his prophecy is a coda where he describes the “last pope”, who he calls Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome). Benedict was foretold to be the pope who brought about a spiritual crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, Peter of Rome will administer the faithful, it is presaged, when Rome itself is destroyed in a horrific prophecy about the Last Days of Judgment."   » more

So then I wanted to see the list of Popes; I found it here.

The same website mentions Fatima, but doesn't make the Russian connection with the meteor strike.

See also:10 September 2000

Draw your own conclusions... talk among yourselves and leave comments!

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