Monday, February 11, 2013

Find anyone, or see who's searching for YOU!

There are so many fascinating tools and services you can avail yourself of thanks to computers and the Internet!

Have you ever wondered what became of some of the kids in your neighborhood or your old friends at school? Or maybe there was that certain guy or gal when you were in High School or at University and you wonder as you think about them if they ever think about you?

Well now there is a way you can solve these little mysteries of life, with a little help from the national telephone numbering system: specifically, by typing a few area codes of last-known or possible locations into the wonderful Search for people by area code website! Not only can you find people you knew in th epast, you can also get an idea of who has been searching for YOU! Just type in a few details, click, and within minutes you will have the information you seek! It's really so simple!

I've successfully re-connected with people I thought I'd never see nor hear from ever again. I've renewed relationships, shared fond memories of times long gone, and, you know what they say - if you can connect with just a few key people, that opens the door to connect with more and more and even more! The fact that so many of us participate on social networks and blogs and have gmail or yahoo accounts, make it so much easier for internet locator technology to do it's job!

So what are you waiting for? I suggest that before you start out, think of some of the folks you've often wondered about and jot their names down, along with the last place you may have heard they lived, and their approximate ages. Then sit down at your PC, laptop or tablet and get busy looking them up! Check each name off your list as you go along: you'll be blown away by what you find! Take my advice! Dust off those old memories today! (You'll be SO glad you did!)

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