Monday, February 25, 2013

On the Net Battlefield: General Luo Yuan & Heino

High-ranking Chinese military officer Luo Yuan opened a personal Weibo account on Feb 21. (Sina Weibo is China’s twitter-style microblogging service). Since then, the General's pro-war comments on how to manage China's relationship with Japan and the recent nuclear test in North Korea have triggered sharp criticism from netizens. In the eyes of many Chinese active on Weibo, Luo Yuan is exactly the “traitor” and “the corrupt” that he swears to “clean out” and “punish” chronicles Luo Yuan's battle on Weibo.

A loveable rogue who sings sentimental hits about mountains and maidens is making headlines once again. Some call him Germany's answer to Tom Jones - but he is in a class all his own - The Guardian reports that legendary crooner Heino, at age 74, has broken sales records with a new album. His eclectic mix of tunes includes everything from Heavy metal to 1890s folk tunes.

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