Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Oscar Pistorius charged with murder

I woke up to this on Valentine's Day. I'd been up very early to prepare homemade waffles for breakfast for myself and my running mates.  Saw this on BBC World America ::: South African media reported that the Paralympic gold medal winner nicknamed Blade Runner was charged with murder when a woman was found shot in his home.  As the day progressed, it seemed more like the Blade Man was in deep doo-doo. NBC Nightly News reported neighbors say they heard arguing before shots rang out.  Nicole Crites with CBS 5 KPHO Phoenix said, “#theremustBmore2thestory#bladerunner arrested for girlfriend's murder- says he thought she was an intruder.” Hmmmmm....

BusinessWeek unmasks A Chinese Hacker's IdentityJosh Tyrangiel there said, “Morning Must Read: Our cover story, in which a Chinese government hacker is outed by two spectacular reporters.”

“We Need to Push Him”: Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested While Urging Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline

Amy Goodman, Video Interview: For the second time in six months, actress Daryl Hannah has been jailed for protesting the Keystone XL oil pipeline. In October, she was arrested in Texas. On Wednesday, she and 47 others were arrested outside the White House. “President Obama has said ‘push me.’ Well, we need to get out there and push him.” Hannah said. Hannah was arrested with members of the Sierra club as well others. Hannah was also arrested last year in Texas for protesting the same issue.

Can Humans Cause Earthquakes?—Instant Egghead [Video]
With all the talk here in New York about Hydrofracking:  we're digging deeper into Earth's crust than we ever have before, pulling water up and pumping it down. As Scientific American editor David Biello explains, these are just a few of the many ways humans are triggering severe seismic activity.

WARNING! GRAPHIC! Video of Brutal Beating of Women Shocks Angola
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