Sunday, February 03, 2013

Quick Look @ Weekend Newspapers

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Here's an economic indicator for ya: look at the size of the comics in the Times Union. You need a magnifying glass to read them. The newspaper seems to be shrinking the comics they'd like to get rid of, so next time they do one of their surveys about comics, no one will select Blondie or Peanuts or any of the tiny funnies as ones they enjoy reading. I guess the eventual goal is to get the comics down to a single page or two that can be stuffed somewhere else in the paper.

On page A3 of the same paper, a story lifted from the New York Times "Recession hurt boomers the most" bullet-points everything that is screwed up today:

  • Young graduates are in debt, out of work and living at home
  • People in theier 30s and 40s can't afford to buy houses or have kids
  • Retirees and those near that age are basically screwed

The article mentions lack of savings and unemployment. My prediction: this "new normal" is just the tip of the iceberg! Wait until Obamacare kicks in and a few other things happen. That story SHOULD HAVE been on the front page!

INSTEAD, the Albany TU has resurrected once more, the tired old "Arbor Hill vs. Loudonville" non-comparison, this time sticking the pointless tale on the front page of the Sunday edition. What's next? "Whitehall Rd. vs. Second Ave."? "Buckingahm Pond vs. The upper Western Avenue SUNY Student ghetto"?

The Daily Freeman: " The Dow closed above 14,000 on Friday for the first time in more than five years." But have you also noticed (I did) that gasoline was $3.57 on Thursday and today is $3.89 at the same convenience store?

In "Nanotech Job Hunters Flood Fair" - get this - a guy who lost his job at a SHOE STORE and gets by on $110 a week in unemployment apparently didn't see last week's Times Union which featured a map that showed more than 2-THOUSAND jobs waiting to be filled in the Albany area alone. I wonder if the reporter passed that info along to this fellow?


Is the bloom off the political bush? After dropping like a rock in last week's Q-poll, (not to mention a public dissing from NJ Gov. Christie) commentary by Fred LeBrun implicates NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's fast-trackin' Tappan Zee bridge project in the Thruway layoff announcement: 234 families will see breadwinners head off to the unemployment office. Are you keeping score?

(1) Cuomo drops 15 points in Q-poll, observers say his gun laws are doing him in

(2) Thruway lays off 234,now we know why

(3) Ilion NY faces possibility of losing its life-blood industry, Remington Arms, and the thousands of jobs that will be no more if the company moves to another state (think wrecked local economy, poverty, lawlessness)

(4) Cuomo could be opening the door for a terrorist attack of the worst kind: "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has yet to sign off on whether Indian Point's security guards can continue to carry weapons that may violate state law -- even as the agency proposes expanding the use of machine guns and other heavier weapons at nuclear sites across the country." ~

(5) School Districts rally at Columbia High in East Greenbush: keynote speaker blames impending collapse of public education on CUOMO and his wonderful budgets!

(6) GrassRootsers have mounted a Hillary 2016 campaign, and they are off to a flying start!

Unless something spectacular happens, the observers see Cuomo's chances for the US Presidency all but hopeless.

RIP Barney, the old Bush family dog, and RIP the guy who invented etch-a-sketch, the toy now being mass-produced in China.

GROUND HOG DAY FEB 2 ::: Two meteorologists are always better than one! Both Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck saw no shadows Saturday morning. Their forecast: an early end to winter.

I will sign off for now with a short poem:

Early still, the brand new year.

The groundhog sees no shadow here.

From east to west

and north to south

the air so cold and ground frozen

The seasons rebound

as earth turns round

the cycle begins anew...

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