Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Recycling Blues

Why I Don't Have A Recycling Bin

In the city where I live there is a recycling program. Every trash night, residents are advised to place all recyclable materials in a blue bin. The problem arises if you don't have a blue bin handy. The city facility where you can get a free one is way downtown and off the beaten path.

Problem is, I can't seem to keep a blue bin once I have one. You see, when the city crew picks up the bin and tosses the recyclables into the truck, they then, with all their might, smash the bin onto either the sidewalk, pavement, or (ouch) the sharp edge of the curb.

Last time I got a new bin it was cracked in half the upon the very first time its contents were collected. About a month later, it was gone (the city removes them along with the trash when they get too banged up, but they don't leave any replacement).

So I get a cardboard box each week when I buy groceries. Toss in the recyclables, put the whole thing curbside, and its gone the next morning.
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