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APPEAL: Spare Change? If you like this blog, and you've found the posts valuable in some way,
consider leaving a tip!

Somewhere in the right sidebar you'll find a donate button powered by PayPal. You can use any checking account or major credit/debit card to make a contribution, which is managed securely. If you want to mail something instead, you can email me via the link at the top of this page and I’ll give you the details.

Every dollar really helps, because the more I can defray expenses, the better this blog can be. The concept: tip-based journalism. Through the years I've left a few bucks in tip jars on blogs I've really enjoyed.

Some time ago, I presented an article explaining that using a google or other RSS reader doesn’t give my blog any page view love. Likewise when you access my works via "Bloggers" and other content delivery services. Since I get paid for blogging based on how many page views I get, I respectfully suggest that those of you who use readers may want to show your appreciation by clicking through from time to time. If you can't, please consider coming in just once and leave a few dollars, pounds or pesos via pay pal.

The blogger's Tip Jar has been around as a concept for quite some time. A-list blogger Michelle Malkin once had one prominently displayed on her blog. Sometimes the jar really clicks, sometimes it just sits there, bare and dormant. But always available! The way I see it, every darned red cent counts!

Thank-you for your support!

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Sheryl Georylcom said...

dropping by.. no tip, just click ;-)

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