Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too much blogging will give you a headache!

You may want to take a day off from blogging and see what some other folks are up to online --- here's a short list!

2013:::Year of the Snake - North Korea conducted its third-ever nuclear test on Feb 12, 2013, sparking condemnation internationally. Check out this Storify link for more details.

Why did the Pope resign?::: The questions reverberated from the Vatican to every corner of the Catholic world and left a billion members scratching their heads over something not seen since 1415.

As the #Shahbag movement of Bangladeshis is gaining its momentum, more and more Bangladeshis are using social network services like Twitter and Facebook to organize the movement.
 Shopan Awalin provides an in depth analysis on the activity of the hashtag #Shahbag in Twitter regarding the people, what they are talking, what they are sharing.

How can you mend a broken heart? All of this Valentine’s talk about love, relationships, and companionship can be especially challenging for those who might have recently had a bad breakup. 2hopper blog offers some very good advice.

MyWeku compiles a list of 10 best African food blogs for 2013: “There are seemingly a million food blogs out there, but only a handful showcase African food. Even so it has still been a struggle to pick 10 of our favourites for this year (2013).”

Have you ever wondered what became of some of the kids in your neighborhood or your old friends at school? Or maybe there was that certain guy or gal when you were in High School or at University and you wonder as you think about them if they ever think about you? You can find them!
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