Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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Why not follow davelucas on twitter?Twitter makes a shocking disclosure ::: key media outlets, tech figures, high-level elected officials, and influential journalists such as myself were the apparent targets of last week's "Chinese hack." According to C-Net, "22 percent of the accounts linked to the analyst's list of 100 most influential media outlets may also have been breached, according to PeerReach, including @nytimes, @reuters, @cnn, and @foxnews."

Over at Forbes, one of my favorite tech writers, Parmy Olson, asks "What Would Happen If America Got Free, 'Nationwide' WiFi?" I know the answer! It would drive stakes into the hearts of the mobile phone carriers!

via Stop the Cap! We have video: "How to Swap Out Your Leased Time Warner Cable Modem and Avoid $3.95/Mo Fee".

Media Manips ::: The photo above, in which Noam Chomsky is holding a placard, is part of a global campaign organized by Taiwanese students against media monopoly in Taiwan. Chomsky's photo has been circulated widely via online social media since early January 2013. However, a number of news outlets recently reported that he was misled by Taiwanese anti-media monopoly activists into supporting the campaign. What has exactly happened? Who misled Chomsky? Oiwan Lam investigates.
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