Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blogging Less, Enjoying it More?

You're not alone!

I've been keeping a blog while following other blogs and bloggers since around 2002. I've noticed recently that many of whom I consider "hard core" bloggers have cut back on their frequency of article posting. Some have cut WAY back. To see this happen on bellwether blogs speaks volumes. We'll have to see where it goes across the blogosphere.

There are various reasons for this happening. One lady blogger has been blogging less due to pregnancy. Another cut way back after her marriage. Another changed horses, switching to a cooking blog from what had been a daily diary. A couple of guys who used to post everyday are now uploading maybe once a month.

I think the mindset here is that once you are "established" you don't need to ram posts down reader's throats in hopes of making gains in SEO or PR or making that "big" online income. Even the bloggers who go on hiatus come back to blog again.

This all seems to be happening shortly after the "clean" or "minimalist" theme swept across the blogsophere. That happened because the blog-guru-make-money crowd realized you had to hook people really fast on the internet, and slow-loading blogs laden with "opportunities" and sales pitches fail to attract suckers buyers.

But not everyone has gone that minimalist route - those of us who don't have to probably won't. Although my trade wordpress blog is minimalist, this blog is more of a magazine or online newshub, so it doesn't require minimalism, as I don't depend on ads for support.
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