Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do NOT download Aktiv mp3 recorder

I had to battle the Conduit monster earlier this week. Geez! What a bitch! I made the mistake of downloading what seemed like it might be a helpful program, something called Aktiv mp3 recorder.

Although I took great pains to check off the boxes provided by the installer to ensure I didn't download and install junk, this nasty thing called Conduit managed to sneak onto my computer. It hides itself very well and even manages to sneak past the stealthiest of anti-spy and anti-virus programs!

DO NOT DOWNLOAD Aktiv mp3 recorder! But if you already have and have fallen victim to Conduit, I found one wonderful set of instructions for getting rid of it. HERE IT IS. Let me know about your individual experience and how you have dealt with it.

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