Sunday, March 17, 2013

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I had quite the busy St. Patty's day! Hope yours was cool!

First, my neighbor and I went a 0530 morning run in the bone-chilling cold, then we had a homemade breakfast - next, church services across the river. By 10, we were ready for brunch - another homemade affair, and quite tasty I might add!

Made it back to Albany just around 3; we stopped for 50 cent Ice Cream cones at Stewart's and picked up the Sunday Times Union, which has a preview of the "new" Times Union - a smaller paper from a modern printing press. I astounded a couple of folks at Stewart's who didn't know the Sunday TU comes WITH a TV Guide - but only if you buy it at the store! I saw more than one person spirit a TV Guide away - and hopefully they'll cancel Sunday delivery (unless the paper will now icnlude a TV Guide, which I think I read somewhere that's what they're planning to do!) I worked on my book for a while, then it was off to a friend's home for traditional Corned Beef, Cabbage and Soda bread with a little Irish Coffee!

At 7 we caught 60 Minutes' Lara Logan interview w/twitter creator Jack Dorsey - who may one day run for NYC Mayor a la Bloomberg. More fascinating was the bit about the app square, allowing merchants to accept card payments via cellphone!

So right now I am updating my blogs, then settling down to watch Argo. Whew! And I hear upstate NY has SNOW on the way for Monday night! I'll keep ya posted!
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