Sunday, March 10, 2013

What People Earn 2013

Parade Magazine 2013 "What People Earn" ::: The annual presentation is very popular. People are quite naturally curious when it comes to other people's money (particularly how much those other folks make!)

• Actor-producer Mark Harmon, 61, earned $38 million. The star of CBS’s top-rated NCIS is reportedly getting a “healthy raise” over his last contract’s $500,000 per episode.

• Blogger Jessica Hacker, 27, earned $18,000. reveals how Hacker's family gets by on a s little as $160 a month!

Your pay in no way measures your worth as a human being. If people remember you at all long after you've exited this mortal coil, 99.995 per cent of the time those memories won't be based on your income!

How can you make sure you won't be forgotten after the funeral? Be memorable! Need help? Think Hugo Chavez, JFK, Karl Lagerfeld, Hemingway. Elvis. Michael Jackson. Notorious B.I.G.

Think substance. Think 'Cult of Personality.' Think SIGNATURE.

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