Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alexa Number

Is the Alexa score (and for that matter, the Google PR number) still relevant to bloggers today? I do not believe so. I am convinced there has been a cap imposed on several blogspot blogs. I am also convinced that however this cap is implemented, it is affecting the Alexa and PR numbers. Period!

You may have read this: "While Alexa rank doesn’t directly measure or analyze content, a site that frequently posts quality content will most likely have a better ranking because they’ve provided more opportunities for people to return to their site." Hmmmm. But if there is a cap, aren't all bets off?

Case Study: Unintentionally, I have gone beyond specs #2 and #4, *important* principles I discovered outlined in an old blog post for getting a "better" Alexa score:

6 Steps To A lower Alexa Rank

Step 1: Download & Install Alexa Toolbar- This is the one bit of advice I have always had misgivings about, hence I never did this and probably never will.

Step 2: Content - Mine has been kick-ass for all the right reasons. Moreso than in th epast when my Alexa ranking was better. Go figure!

Step 3: Guest Blogging - Not in 2013!

Step 4: Commenting - Make sure you are actively commenting on other people sites. I think that since January I have commented much more than ever before - certainly more than I have since I started my first blog in 2003!

Step 5: Writing Reviews - You can also achieve a better ranking by writing reviews on blogs you like. Never bothered with this one, and most likely never will.

Step 6: Engage - Make sure to engage with people who care about the Alexa Ranking. Honestly, I haven't ever done this and unless I suddenly end up with too much time on my hands, probably never will.

I've done even better in meeting criteria outlined in this blog article, meeting or exceeding the bar in tips # 2-4-5-6-7...

Now it's YOUR TURN! What is your take on or story about Alexa? Feel free to share it here in my comments or use the handy-dandy facebook commenting system!

Have you used the Alexa Toolbar? If so what are your thoughts about it?
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Si @ Man vs World said...

Good call, mate! I hate Alexa. I used to think it was really important but that was before I had a proper look at what it's all about. It even says on the Alexa website that its ranking don't reflect internet users at large - just people with those stupid toolbars!

ambarish kumar said...

Well, Alexa does matter when direct advertisers will want to advertise on your blog. And by the way, its something like self satisfaction to increase alexa ranking to a better and better ranking. Thinking about coming in 1 lakh is an awesome thing. isn't it?

Krsna Hemant said...

I like your blog..

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