Monday, April 29, 2013

Xiaxue Deserves Respect

newnation ::: "Xiaxue is the first and best blogger in Singapore," writes a Xiaxue fan explains why no one is allowed to criticise Ms. Wendy Cheng.

Wendy! You have much to be proud of and thankful for! Readers, I started reading Wendy's blog when she was "just a kid!" The following is from Asia One: "According to Ms Tan, the analytics reveal that Cheng's blog - - can draw up to 40,000 views a day.

"I can say that she is the most popular blogger in Singapore right now," says Ms Tan. And that means Cheng can command at least $3,500...
... for advertorials on her blog while a YouTube video endorsing a product can cost $4,000 and up. She also charges for mentions on her social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter - at $300 a pop.

The figures may seem astounding but given her personal endorsement fees, the $25,000 sum for baby Dashiel sounds reasonable. Cheng is definitely not the first mum to walk the endorsement route."

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